Young Mi Instant Tteokbokki Cup Rice Cake, Toppoki Popular Korean Snack With A Spicy Sauce

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Toppoki Tteokbokki Rice Cake

A TASTE OF KOREA - We have captured the delicious taste of various Korean dishes

so that they can be prepared in minutes but accessible anywhere in the world.

This particular dish has a soft texture mixed with a spicy and sweet sauce!

Precautions - Do not eat deoxidizer packaged with rice cake.

Precautions - If you smell an unpleasant odor, it will be removed during the cooking process.

Precautions - Some spots on the surface of the product are part of the rice, so please eat with confidence


Young Mi     

Weight : 120g / 297kcal / 10 month expired date / 3 minutes cooking time



 Young Mi 



[Original : Spicy Favor]

Young Mi


[Carbonara Favor]

 Young Mi 



How to Cook

1. Put rice cakes and Toppoki seasoning into a container

2. Add water up to the inside line and then stir well
3. Cook in microwave for 2 min 30 seconds and leave it for 30 second (1,000 w)

4. Stir well and serve

Young Mi

Please keep the product at room temperature.

It is slightly spicy. it is not recommended if you can not eat spicy food at all.

Capacity : 120g


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