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Xeno Angry Little Girl 0.38/0.5mm 3 Colors Ball Point Pen Assorted Colors (Pink, Mint, Pale Orange, Sky Blue)

$7.00 - $10.85
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   Angry Little Girl 0.38/0.5mm 3 Colors Ball Point Pen


Applying low viscosity ink to make soft handwriting experience.

Rubber Grip is attached, so your hands feel less tired when you take notes.

Itself from drying out ensuring long-term use and offers a smooth writing experience

that is free from smearing, smudging, or skipping


: The sturdy and fully retractable fine point 0.38/0.5 mm tip of the Angry Little Asian Girl pen produces clear, bold,

and legible writing while maintaining precise and accurate lines

carrying convenience and prevents the ink from drying out


Ink Color: Black, Blue, Red

Colors: 0.38mm: Pale Orange, Pink / 0.5mm: Sky Blue, Mint

Point Size : 0.38/0.5mm

Made in Korea


Option 1

Yellow 1pcs, Pink 1pcs, Sky Blue 1pcs, Mint 1pcs





Option 2

Yellow 2pcs, Pink 2pcs, Sky Blue 2pcs, Mint 2pcs






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