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Xeno Angry Little Asian Girl 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil with HB, B Leads, Eraser SET

$6.22 - $7.37
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Angry Little Asian Girl Cartoon 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil


Components : 1 of 2B Refill, 1 of HB Refill, 1 of Angry Little Asian Girl mechanical pencil, 1 of Tri-II eraser

This is Pansy Sharp Pencil with the character of Angry little girls, a popular character in the USA.

The soft design prevents the tip from breaking or breaking easily.

It has a lead safety function to protect the lead from fast and strong written pressure.




Size of mechanical pencil : 142mm x 10mm 

Weight of pencil : 10g

Produced by Korea


Color Variation of Mechanical Pencil

: Gray, Sky Blue, Pink, Violet, Yellow Green





Including :

1 tube of 0.5mm 2B lead tube (Xeno Genuine)

 1 tube of 0.5mm HB lead tube (Xeno Genuine)

1 of Xeno Tri-II Retractable Click Eraser (Random Colors)  



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