VT Cosmetics Cica Care Hyalon Tone Up, Nutrition, Pro Cica Facial Skin Mask Pack (6pcs)

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Product Overview

* VT cosmetics *
 Cica x Hyalon Facial Mask Pack (6pcs)

Mask pack for supplying nutrients and moisturizing

Including cica and centella ingredients

Skin calm down effect, supplies nutrients and moist, Tone up & Brightening effect

Product Option

1. Pro Cica Mask Pack : Moisturizing effect

2. Tone Up Mask Pack : Skin tone up and brightening

3. Pro Cica Mask Pack : Skin calm effect

How to use
After wash your face, apply toner and emulsion.

Attach this mask pack for 10~20 minutes and tapping the face to help be absorbed the rest to your skin
Capacity : 6pcs 


After use/opened, all of the aesthetic/cosmetic products may NOT be a reason for return or refund.

Any allergic reactions may also NOT be a reason for refund/return,

as people all have different skin types and as there are differences among individuals.

Please be well-informed of this before any of your purchase.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review