Unpa Unni Pouch Peach Brick Face Body Cleansing Natural Soap (100g)

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* Unpa (Unni Pouch) *

Peach Brick Facial Natural Soap


Peach scent facial sop

If you feel dried after using other cleansing product, we recommend you to use this peach scent facial soap

Including peach extract supports to your skin turn up effect

and shear butter and avocado oil gives moist your skin

2017 Summer Brand New Product 

Unni Pouch


Unni Pouch 



Bubble Test



Unni Pouch



Cleansing Test


Unni Pouch 

How to use

1. After washing your face, apply toner and emulsion

2. And then use this tune up cream

3. Cover up nose, cheek and side of your face

4. You can apply it to your neck also


 Unni Pouch


Capacity : 120g


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