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Staedtler Mars Stick Erasers (STD52850) , Refill

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Mars Plastic Stick Eraser Blue (STD52850)

It's new formula produces less eraser dust.

Click-stop push button, convenient pocket clip, advances and retracts the eraser core.

Refillable. STD52850 STD-52850 031901906139 3190190614



[Staedtler Mars Eraser Refills, Pack of 10]

Lead pencil eraser refill is designed for use with Staedtler Mars Stick Erasers

Removes graphite marks from paper vellum and drafting film

Made of latex-free, soft vinyl

Stealer Mars Stick Eraser Refill - Lead Pencil Eraser - Refillable

- Smudge-free, Non-abrasive, Latex-free, Sticky - Vinyl - 10/Box - White



Made in Germany.

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