Staedtler Lumograph Non-Permanent Wet Erase Marker Pen, Super Fine Tip Low Oder Colored Markers

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Lumograph Non-Permanent Wet Erase Marker Pen

Super Fine Tip, Low Oder Colored Markers

(Red-Blue-Green-Black in 1 pack)



Not limited to white boards alone!

Write on film, sheet covers, DVDs, almost any smooth surface, with correctable confidence.

They won't bleed through paper

Dry-safe ink and tip means even if the cap's been left off for days, it remains usable

You can just pick it up and carry on

No need to throw it away when the ink runs out. They're refillable, using our 487-15 refill jars!

Durable and dependable - Staedtler's dry erase pens will make your point in vibrant, easy-to-see ink,

then wipe easily off with a damp cloth

Benefit from the best.

For office or classroom supplies, in the studio or in the field, Staedtler helps bring ideas to life







1. Universal pen for use on almost all surfaces
2. Suitable for overhead projection
3. Can be wiped off film using a damp cloth
4. Water-soluble ink
5. Fast-drying
6. PP barrel and cap ensures long service life
7. Airplane-safe; automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
8. Superb color brilliancy
9. Available in stand-up STAEDTLER box

Made in Germany


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review