Shield Oil Color Professional Artist's Oil Colors 12 (50ml) 12B, Painting, Artist, Korea

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Oil Color Professional Artist's Oil Colors 12B (50ml x 12 colors)

Oil Color B

Shield artist's oil colors are based on refined safflower oil
to minimize yellowing on exposure to diffused daylight in the process of producing shield oil color,
best quality ingredient has been used to make excellent oil color with durability.
Shield oil color is professional oil color that can be used by from beginners to experts.
Manufactured with pure pigment and well-refined oil,
it has distinctive coloring effect of oil painting and excellent durability
that can be used in various fields from basic coloring work to impasto. 
As it forms hard film with high durability and discoloration features
you can store your works for a long period of time safely.
For professional use, it is manufactured with excellent compound color
and tone also realizing the finest viscosity and texture.
Color Composition



Capacity: (50ml 1.69) x 12 colors




After use(opened), all of the products may not be a reason for return/refund.

Please be well informed of this before any purchase.



Condition : NEW



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