Sequential Adhesive Bandages Sanitize Case of Injection Care Band 100 Counts

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Sehoon Top

* Band Gold *

Injection Care Band with sanitize case 


Latex-free, Hypoallergenic, Painless to Remove, NO Residue on Skin after removed

Individually sealed, Round type, beveled edges prevent premature lifting of bandage.

Hypoallergenic fabric bandages that conform to any contour.

Absorbent island wound pad will not stick to wound.

Water-repellant layer protects against moisture penetration.


When you were bated by mosquito / To prevent blooding after injection / For any injuries


OPTIONS : Blue (For Adult) / Yellow (For Kids)


Band Gold


Band Gold  




Band Gold 


Band Gold 


  Band Gold

Size : Diameter 20mm

Origin : South Korea


   Sehoon Bottom


(No reviews yet) Write a Review