SeHOON Cracked HEEL Repair Premium Hydrogel PATCH Foot Dead Skin Intensive Care Shiny Foot Peeling Pad

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Premium Hydrogel Cracked Heel Patch


If it is the same as other heel patch, we do not recommend this product

It is enriched moisture hydrogel heel patch (Moist : 70%)

(made by 3 dimension hydrophile property High molecular product)

It is good for supplying moist and dead skin removing

SeHOON Hydrogel Patch


SeHOON Hydrogel Patch

 If you like to put on high heel, please attach this heel patch before getting bed. tomorrow morning, you can find out clean foot

The patches are individually wrapped & provide great portability, In attachable pad type, it can be simple and frequently used

It is possible to comfortable daily life even attached to the heel,Excellent Moisturizing returns your dried foot to baby foot


 SeHOON Hydrogel Patch


SeHOON Hydrogel Patch





Hydrogel type / easy to use (waterproof function)

 no irritating viscosity glue / Gamma ray inspection to keep quality 

SeHOON Hydrogel Patch



              SeHOON Hydrogel Patch    



SeHOON Hydrogel Patch  



How to use


 1. Attach pad from bottom of heal and then wrap up the wing side of heel 

2. fold the back side of heel patch and attach it back side of heel

3. Fix back side of patch with wing side 

4. Fix whole patch with transparent supporter

 SeHOON Hydrogel Patch

Tips : Please do not use this gel patch more than 24 hours 

Tips : Keep it into sealed envelope






1 Set (2 sheets)  / 5 Set (10 sheets) / 10 Set (20 sheets)

  SeHOON Hydrogel Patch


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