Purito BHA Dead Skin Moisture Gel (100ml 3.38 oz)

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* Purito *
BHA Dead Skin Moisture Gel (100ml 3.38 oz)
This product can deal not only with dead cell skins, 

but also impurities and sebum in pores at the same time.

With a pH of 3.5, all skin types, including sensitive skin,

can use the product safely.

Hyaluronic acid ingredients replenish skin dryness caused

by exfoliation and Tea Tree gently soothes the skin after exfoliation.

The product exfoliates, moisturizes, and soothes at the same time.




Capacity : 100ml 3.38 oz


After use/opened, all of the aesthetic/cosmetic products may NOT be a reason for return or refund.

Any allergic reactions may also NOT be a reason for refund/return,

as people all have different skin types and as there are differences among individuals.

Please be well-informed of this before any of your purchase.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review