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Pack of 50, Individual package, Disposal KF94 Face Protective Mask for Adult, 4 Layer High Density Filter (Black)

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Airish Plus Clean Shield Health Mask KF94 (50packs, Black)


Nose clip prevents mask dripping and glasses fogging up,

Health masks with a close contact structure good facial adhesion and excellent fit.

A necessary health mask for safe and pleasant breathing by filtering the yellow dust,

fine particles, and source of infections that threatens our daily life.

The three-stage folding design makes it easy to wear and easy to carry around.

High-efficiency filters provide excellent defense.

Highly hermeticity and easy to breathe is a three-dimensional structure.

The mask's interior space is wide, so it's comfortable to use for a long time.

Airish CLEAN SHIELD mask is a domestically manufactured, Produced product that has been certified 

by the Korea Food & Drug Administration sanitary aid and uses high-efficiency KF94

with high defense power allowing low breathing resistance and high efficiency of filtration.

The Korea Food & Drub Administration sanitary aid certified KF94 health mask

that helps healthy and safe breathing through the soft material.

Airish Mask

Airish Mask

Airish Mask


1. 4 Layer high-efficiency filter structure

The application of the excellent 4layer high-effciency filter(outer fabric, padding cloth, filter, inner fabric)

presents excellent defense power against particle types harmful substance such as yellow dust and fine particles.

2. Functional Nose Support

Prevents the sliding of the mask and fogging of the glasses, it also adhere closely

to the face decreasing the leakage rate and increases the wearing feeling.

3. High elastic ear band

Minimizes the stress on the ear upon long wear through ear band with high elasticity.

4. 3D Structure

Through 3D structure, instead of touching the mouth, it provides a space allowing pleasant and comfortable breathing. 

Airish Mask
Airish Mask

KF(Korea Filter) is a block performance standard of the approved health mask approved as the sanitary aids

by the Korea Food & Drug Administration, The number displayed with the KF defines the fine particle block performance factor,

KF94 stands of filtering 0.4um fine particle over 94% Helping with the protection

of the respiratory organs form the particle type harmful substance and source of infection such as yellow dust and fine particle.

Airish Mask

- Outer fabric: The outermost non-woven fabric surface mainly catches fine dust.

- Support: It is thicker than the outer, inner material and electrostatic filters and holds the model.

- Electrostatic Filter: It is a filter that filters fine dust with static electricity.

- Inner fabric: The innermost part uses a soft lining that has little skin irrita-tion on the surface that comes in contact with the skin.


Airish Mask


How to use

Wearing them as described below will maximize the effectiveness of your mask.

Airish Mask

1. After checking for internal contamination, wear it starting from the chin to cover the nose and mouth completely

2. Fasten the hair straps hang to your ears

Press the nose piece into close contact with the nose

4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it so that it sticks to the face while checking for t air leaks


Capacity : 50packs

Origin : South Korea

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