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Pack of 20, Individual package, Disposal KF94 Face Protective Mask for Adult, 4 Layer High Density Filter

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Airish Plus Clean Shield Health Mask KF94 (20packs)


The three-stage folding design makes it easy to wear

and easy to carry around High-efficiency filters provide excellent defense.

Highly hermeticity and easy to breathe is a three dimensional structure. 

The mask's interior space is wide, so it's comfortable to use for a long time 

Airish Mask

Protect from yellow dust and infections. 

Comfortable use of 3D solid structures

Functional nose clip

Anti bacterial + MB filter 

Step 4 high density filter structures



 Airish Mask 


How to use 

1. After checking for internal contamination, wear it starting from the chin to cover the nose and mouth completely

2. Fasten the hair straps hang to your ears

Press the nose piece into close contact with the nose

4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it so that it sticks to the face while checking for t air leaks


 Airish Mask

Capacity : 20packs

Origin : South Korea


 Airish Mask   




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