Mungyo Gallery Artists' Handmade Soft Pastel Set (15, 30, 60 Colors) Finest Pigment and materials

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* Mungyo Kyojai Co  *
Artists' Handmade Soft Pastels (15/30/60 colors)

High-end oil pastels for professional artists, Finest Pigments and raw material

Vivid and brilliant colors - available up to 60 colors

All techniques of the pastel can be applied perfectly ; Gradation, Scrapping, Blending, Stipping etc.

Easy to draw with a very smooth touch


Made from the finest materials


Mungyo hand mad soft pastel is dedicated to all professional artists.

To keep the softness, we hand-rolled the dough which is made from the finest materials and pigments.

This pastel is very easy to blend and smuged, and the thick, velvety quality is ideal for creating rich, painterly effects.

Each stick is apt to break, But you will soon develop the right sensitivity of touch if you use this pastel often enough


 Size : 50 mm + / - 5 mm x 14 + /- 1mm, Round Type
Sehoon Bottom


(No reviews yet) Write a Review