Monami 153 DIY Ball Point Pen Kit

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153 Ball Point Pen DIY Kit

You can assemble what you want & make your own 153 ball point pen

This is monami 153 ball pen DIY assembly kit 

Please make a pen which is only one in the world



1. 12 colors

: Consist of 12 body colors + 10 kinds of ink colors (total 12 color are in 1 package)

2. 18 colors 

: Consist of 18 body colors + 12 kinds of ink colors (total 18 color are in 1 package) 

Pen point size: 0.5mm

Made in Korea

  Monami Pen

Monami Pen 



Monami Pen
Monami Pen

How to Assemble

1. Assemble body with knock

2. Input pens to body

3. Assemble sprins

4. Close outer cap

Monami Pen  


Sehoon Bottom


(No reviews yet) Write a Review