Microphone Covers Disposable Mic Hygiene Skin Cover Mic Cover Karaoke Sponge Cap (100 PCS / 50 Pack)

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Microphone Covers Disposable Mic Hygiene Skin Cover (100 PCS / 50 Pack) 


Packing in large quantities

Easy to wear the microphone cover both Bluetooth and Corded

Hygienic item for the microphone

Fits for most standard handheld microphone

Microphone Cover 



Microphone Cover 




100% pure hand-sewing products!

1) Resistant to moisture and pressure.

2) Use resilient and elastic nonwoven Advanced

3) improved durability and hygiene force

4) Mike prevent contamination and impurities introduced

5) prevent electric shock

6) will help extend the life of the microphone.

7) Always use a clean mic 100% Brand New and High Quality microphone foam covers antimicrobial cover

Singing rehearsal Song Recording Studios Mike frequently used venue Vocalists & Karaoke enthusiasts.


Usage: Corded/Cordless microphone

Package100 PCS / 50 Pack


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