Lomansa Eyelash Perming Kit (Perming Lotion, Nutritive Treatment, Remover, Fixative, CD, rod, cotton swab) Perm, Korea Cosmetic

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Product Overview

 * Lomansa *

Eyelash Perming Kit 
Lifting Adhesive for Eyelash Perming.

1. Pink Perming Lotion

2. Blue Perming Lotion
US(US Pharmacopeia)24 NFIP based on the Microbiological Test(61) Microbial
Limit Test Passed.
SGS Product certification.

3. Coral eyelashes Nutritive Treatment
From natural ingredients is short and weak. flat and long. vivid.

4. Transparent Fixative Remover
Pink/Blue perming lotion to the water-soluble stains.
But when using transparent
Remover can easily remove fixative.

5. Rod Fixative
Rod and the lash is fixed at fixative used.

6. Rod
New concept silicon rod than the traditional paper tape method
is simple to use
and the effect is also long lasting.

Depending on the length of the clila and the
Select all three types of rods can be used to create a variety of curls lashes.

Depending on the desired curl-shaped rod, please select.

7. Etc
Cotton Swabs, Product Maual & CD


 How To Use

The instruction manual is in the CD, described in detail.

Please watch carefully and follow.


After use(opened), all of the aesthetic(cosmetic) products may not be a reason for return/refund.

We may not prevent any allergic reaction,

as people all have different skin types and as there are difference among individuals.

Therefore any allergic reactions may not be a reason for refund/return.

Please check, if you are allergic to any ingredients.

Please be well-informed of this before any purchase.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review