Korean Glu Red Ginseng Pain Relief Patch Saponin Plaster Pads

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Product Overview

* GLU Red Ginseng *

Glu Red Ginseng Pad Patch (1 pack = 25 patches)

Convenient health pad that can be closely attached to joints with discomfort. 

 Ginseng insensitive season poultice hot patch.

Easy to use anywhere before and after exercise like climbing, fishing, golf, etc.

Excellent breath ability.

On the health of the area you wish to view the pad will feel free to cut and paste.


Size : 90mm  × 130mm


Gold Red Ginseng Hot pad


 Gold Red Ginseng Hot pad





How To Use
You must remove this pad before taking a shower.

(This pad should be attached to your skin in a complete dry state.)
After pad attached, make sure Never get it wet. => this patch dose not get along with water / humidity.
 Using this pad 4 hours using is advised.
 When you put “a hot (massage) pack” on the part that is already attached with this pad, 

You should take this pad off first and then do a hot (massage) pack.
(because heat can melt down its glue and makes it hard to be detached.)
Capacity : 1 Pack (25ea)
Gold Red Ginseng Hot pad


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review