Kimbyengjang New Korean MRE Military Food with Plastic Spoon Bibimbap Spicy Beef Soup Food Rations Combat Surplus (120g/ 3packs)

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* Kim-Sergeant *

Korean MRE military Food (120g x 3packs)

Bibimbap Spicy Beef Soup


Emergency, combat ration, good for outdoor leisure activities like survival game, fishing, climbing, camping etc

Content : Dried Beef, Vegetable, Rice

2020 NEW Version, including plastic spoons

Time to ready : 10 minutes after putting boiling water into the pack. / Cool water 30 minutes

Origin : Made in Korea (South Korea)



How to cook

1. Cut the upper side of pack

2. Take out 2 sources

3. Pouring water until the black line

4. Close the pack and wait 10 minutes.

5. Input source and oil 6. Mix it up.


Capacity: 360g (120g x 3pcs) + 3pcs of plastic Spoon



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