Kang HWA Stick-On Mini Moxa 180pcs (Red, Yellow, Green)

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* Kang HWA *

Stick-On Mini Moxa 180pcs


Unique design with a 6mm x 15mm hollow, rigid moxa stick. Contains mugwort, wormwood and sage.

The moxa stick is perched on a paper tube to create a thermal buffering zone.

A breathing hole at the base allows the smoke to down draft and pool at the base on the skin.

- Type:

Yellow: 40C(104F) ~ 45C(113F) * 180 pcs

Green: 45C(113F) ~ 50C(122F) *180 pcs

Red: 50C(122F) ~ 60C(140F) * 180 pcs

Kang Hwa

Yellow: 40C(104F) ~ 45C(113F) * 180 pcs
Kang Hwa

Green: 45C(113F) ~ 50C(122F) *180 pcs

Kang HwaRed: 50C(122F) ~ 60C(140F) * 180 pcs
Kang Hwa


How To Use

1. Remove the sticker underneath the moxa.

2. Place it on the area to be treated.

3. Light it with a moxa lighter.

4. Wait for complete combustioin and repeat the process several times.

Safety Information: If too hot, grab the stick on mini moxa with forceps and place it on another area.

*NOTE: Do not use on the face, soft skin, or other sensitive body parts.

Do not use on pregnant women or people who are unable to detect the sensations of heat or pain.

Do not leave in one place for an extended period of time.

If the heat becomes uncomfortable, remove immediately.

Be cautious when touching the moxa - extensive heat.

Keep moxa out of reach of children. DO NOT fall asleep during use. Handle with care.

*  The user/purchaser accepts full responsibility for any accidents caused by improper use of the product.


Capacity : 180pcs



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review