Kakao Friends Bluetooth Wireless Figure Tripod Selfie Stick

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Product Overview

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* Kakao Friends *
Wireless Figure Selfie Stick
Kakao Friends Character Selfie stick 

Protect for your smart phone

Compatible Smart Phone : Universal

Character Options : Ryan, Apeach





Kakao selfie Stick



Bluetooth Remote control / tripod / rotation holder

/ tripod extension screw hole / Light aluminum material / Camera mount 

Kakao selfie Stick



Length of normal mode : 20cm 

Maximum length : 69cm 

Anti slippery coating at the end of tripod

Kakao selfie Stick


Can be mounted action cam or camera with mount adapter

Kakao selfie Stick



Maximum support weight of tripod : 500g / 1.1 lb


Kakao selfie Stick


Removable bluetooth remote control

To turn it one, please press power button on the remote control for about 2~3 seconds.

When twinkle Bluetooth LED, it turns to stand-by mode

And then turn on Bluetooth in your smart phone and search "KAKAO FRIENDS" 

Then, you can connect remote control with smart phone



Kakao selfie Stick


LED Status

1. Standby Bluetooth pairing : Blue LED twinkle

2. Done Bluetooth pairing : Blue LED ON

3. Bluetooth remote control charging : Red LED ON

4. Finish Bluetooth remote control charge : LED OFF


Tips : It can be connected wit only 1 Bluetooth (Do not use 2 Bluetooth)

Tips : The remote control will be fully charged around 1~2 hours (65mAH)




Kakao selfie Stick

Maximum reach of bluet ooh remote control : 10 meter


90 degree rotation to right and left, 200 degree vent from back and forth.

Holder pole can be rotated 360 degree 



Kakao selfie Stick


Maximum reach : 690mm

Kakao selfie Stick


Figure type (Kakao friends Apeach or Ryan)

Light aluminium material

Weight : 164g / 0.36lb


Kakao selfie Stick





 Kakao selfie Stick

Kakao selfie Stick





Kakao selfie Stick



Package : Figure selfie stick + Pouch + Camera Mount




 Kakao selfie Stick


Made in Korea
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