J Balloon Tray of Eggs Event DIY Set (egg board, 30 transparent egg capsule, ribbon, glitter cake topper-I Love You, doily paper) Birthday Pocket Money Present

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 * J Balloon *

Tray of Eggs Event DIY Set
1 egg board, 30 transparent egg capsules,
1 ribbon, 1 glitter cake topper (I Love You), 1 doily paper

30 years old event, for your special person!
For your special event, there is a crown on each clear capsule.

J Balloon

J Balloon

J Balloon

J Balloon

You may choose the color of the ribbon
Mint / Pink / Gold

J Balloon

J Balloon J Balloon

J Balloon

J Balloon

Capsule Size: 4.5 x 6.3 cm

*After this event, lot's of people use this capsule for Easter, handicraft, art and etc.

J Balloon

How to use

Take one capsule with and without the crown sticker.

Put the money inside the capsule.

The crown sticker should come to the front.

J Balloon

J Balloon

How to make

Fold the money as it is shown in the picture.

Fold it in half.

Use the pen to roll the money.

Put it in the capsule and fix the money
(the knob should come down).

Place the crown capsule and gently
cover/fix the capsules together.

When you have all 30 eggs, cover with the
clear cover and make ribbon.


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J Balloon


After use/opened, all of the aesthetic/cosmetic products may NOT be a reason for return or refund.

Any allergic reactions may also NOT be a reason for refund/return,
as people all have different skin types and as there are differences among individuals.

Please be well-informed of this before any of your purchase.


Made in Korea

Condition: New


Sehoon Bottom


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