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Haneulcheong Korea Organic, Banana Shikhye(Sweet Rice Drink) Dessert without Organic Rice Grains 2 Type (125ml x 6pack)

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Korea Organic, Banana Shikhye (125ml x 6pack)


Treat yourself to a best dessert drinks of the day! Sikhye (Korean sweet rice drink) is one of the most popular Korean drinks.

It’s moderately sweet flavor and unique flavor smell is liked by many who try it!

Sikhye is made of sweet water, fermented malt and cooked rice.

It does not contain any artificial coloring, or preservatives and is the most representative drink of Korea.

Non-alcoholic beverage. Sounds like a good start!

BENEFITS: Amongst Koreans, Sikhye is believed to help with digestion because the main ingredients contain amylase,

which helps with digestion. That’s why Sikhye is commonly served after having a big feast in Korea.

For a cold, savory taste add some ice cubes or slightly freeze it in the kimchi refrigerator.



1. Organic Shikhye




2. Banana Shikhye





How do I keep the product?

After taking out the required amount put it in the refrigerator using tongs.

The unused product can last up to two years at room temperature.


Capacity : 125ml x 6pack



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