Greenkeeps StainJoy High Quality Stainless Steel Storage (Square) Airtight Food Container with PP Lid

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Stainjoy Stainless Steel Storage (Square) 
Airtight Food Container with PP Lid


Constructed with high-quality, food grade stainless steel with a beautiful finish!

the most versatile and popular stainless steel in the world.

Highly durable and eco-friendly, stainless steel food containers are resistant to rust, and corrosion.


Interior/Exterior(Body) : Satin

Quality of the materials(Body) : Stainless Steel 304

Quality of the materials(Lid) : PP


Manufacturer : Greenkeeps Co. Ltd.

Country of origin : Republic of Korea (South Korea)



490ml (16.6oz) 155x110x50mm
600ml (20.3oz) 155x110x60mm
650ml (22.0oz) 180x125x50mm
950ml (32.1oz) 180x125x70mm
1000ml (33.8oz) 200x140x65mm
1200ml (40.6oz) 200x140x80mm
1500ml (50.7oz) 220x155x70mm
2000ml (67.6oz) 240x170x80mm
2600ml (87.9oz) 240x170x95mm


Use these containers to store leftovers in the fridge and then warm up

the leftovers in the same pot they were stored in, streamlining your cooking and meal prep!

Great for meal prep and food prep, these containers are perfect for storing cut up fruits, vegetables and cooked grains.

AIRTIGHT & LEAK PROOF: Stainless steel locking mechanism and silicone ring beneath the lid provide an airtight,

leak-proof seal, allowing you to use these food storage containers for travel, school and work!

The airtight seal keeps food tasting fresher for longer.

Enjoy packed lunch in a stainless steel lunch box, and whether it’s a sandwich, salad or soup,

it will stay secure in the container without accidental spills or leaking!

Perfect for baby food, snacks, camping, hiking and picnics!

BETTER THAN PLASTIC: Stainless steel can withstand high heat and is better at retaining temperature than plastic,

keeping cold foods cold and warm foods warm for longer!

BPA free, phthalate free and lead free, stainless steel food containers won't fall apart

or leach chemicals into your food like plastic containers.

Stainless steel won’t absorb stains or odors and is easy to clean and sanitize,

staying shiny for many years without showing wear and tear!



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