GOLDEN BELL Maple Silver Dinner Spoon, Fork, Knife Set

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 Maple Silver Dinner Spoon, Fork & Knife Set



GOLDEN BELL Co. Ltd. is top tableware brand in Korea since 1986. GOLDEN BELL has 600+ of spoon, fork & any other cookery products.


  Maple Silver Dinner Spoon, Fork & Knife Set is designed to make a happy kitchen with practical design.
It is convenient to use and the Stainless material is hygienic.


Origin : Republic of Korea (South)




Brass ware : Discoloration is a phenomenon caused by the nature of the brass itself, not a product defect or problem. 

Wipe clean with a dry towel. Do not boil or use in microwave, rice cooker, oven, dishwasher.


Ceramic ware : Avoid sudden temperature changes when using ceramics
Can be damaged by impact, and can cause injuries
Do not use if product is cracked.
Use a soft loofah for cleaning
Products decorated with gold, platinum, etc. cannot be used in microwaves and ovens.


Stainless ware : Do not use metallic scouring pads or harsh scouring pads
Do not apply excessive shock or direct heat.
Abrasives (black powder) may remain on first use, so use after cleaning.
Avoid high temperature exposure for a long time because there is a risk of color change due to the nature of the material.
Life scratches appearing when using is a natural phenomenon
After cleaning, dry it and store it in a dry place.


Wood tableware : Do not store in direct sunlight or high temperature.
Do not touch the fire or use it in the microwave or oven.
Even the same wood products may not have the same color or texture.


Silicon ware : Avoid scratching with a sharp knife such as a knife or fork
Do not store near the fire because it may be deformed.
Depending on the ingredients and the equipment used, stains or damage may occur.



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