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Eyelab Melakey Whitening Cream (50ml 1.69fl. oz)

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Melakey Whitening Cream (50ml  1.69fl. oz)


Take care of pigmentation and blemishes on your face and body with one melaki whitening cream!

It is a whitening cream that has passed all human application tests in 2 weeks.

Contains 5 whitening ingredients

Relieve freckles & freckles on face, armpits, groin, knees, etc.

Improving blemishes, freckles, etc

Improvement of melanin coloring

Improvement of pigmentation

Smooth, creamy cream formulation with good absorbency

Human body application test completed

Available whole body



How to Use

Take a suitable measure in the morning and evening and spread it gently along with the skin texture.

 Capacity: 50ml  1.69fl. oz




After use/opened, all of the aesthetic/cosmetic products may NOT be a reason for return or refund.

Any allergic reactions may also NOT be a reason for refund/return,

as people all have different skin types and as there are differences among individuals.

Please be well-informed of this before any of your purchase.

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