Dried Triangle Shape Seaweed Rice Roll Kimbap with DIY Kit (Including Mold and Gadget) Self Made Onigiri Rice Ball (20 sheets)

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DYI Dried Seaweed Rice Roll Kit



Easy to carry and eat, triangle type seaweed rice roll and DIY kit

Using including rice roll frame, you can make your own triangle shaped rice roll in a short time

The seaweed has been cultivated on clean ocean in south korea


Notice : Outer Package can be subjected to changed without notice 


 Seaweed rice roll

Origin : South Korea


Option 1 : Seaweed 20 counts + 1 of  DIY rice roll frame + Sticker 20 counts

Option 2 : Seaweed 40 counts + Sticker 40 counts

Option 3 : Seaweed 60 counts + 1 of  DIY rice roll frame+ Sticker 60 counts 


[Option 1]

Seaweed rice roll 


[Option 2]


Seaweed rice roll


[Option 3]

  Seaweed rice roll 






Seaweed rice roll 




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review