Dr.G pH Cleansing Gel Foam (200ml) with Lactobacillus, K Beauty, Korea Cosmetic

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pH Cleansing Gel Foam (200ml 6.72oz)
with Lactobacillus

Low-irritant, mildly acidic cleansing gel foam
that perfectly cleans fine dust and even sun cream.

Dense foam enriched with 88% of nature originated ingredients provides
comfortable cleansing with minimized irritation.

Dr.G Brightening up Sun Cream

This cleansing gel foam pretects the
skin barrier with lactobacillus,
strengthens the skin barrier by removing old keratin with leuconostoc,
also retrieves skin
balance through bifida ferment lysate.

Dr.G Brightening up Sun Cream

Main ingredients

Lactobacillus - Skin barrier protection

Leuconostoc - Strengthen skin barrier

Bifida Ferment Lysate - Skin balance

Dr.G Brightening up Sun Cream


Completed anti-dust cleansing clinic test and sun cream cleansing clinic test.

Dr.G Brightening up Sun Cream


How to use

Dispense a suitable amount and lather well.
Gently massage entire face and rinse off with lukewarm water.


Capacity : 200ml  6.72oz



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