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Diomer Facial Purifyng Mask (100g 3.52oz) Wash-Off Pack K-beauty

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Facial Purifyng Mask (100g  3.52oz)


DIOMER Facial Purifying Mask is an Aesthetic cosmetics. It can solve six functions at once,

such as pores management, sebum control, skin sedation, moisturizing, exfoliation control, and troubles.

DIOMER Facial Purifying Mask contains Kaolin ingredient that absorbs sebum and old waste without irritation.

so,it helps to keep pores clean.

Centella Asiatica extract aids skin sedation and moisturizing care, while Houttuynia Cordata Extract helps to manage troubles.

Apricot seed powder and rice flour give the dynamics of natural Scrubber.

D Panthenol helps to maintain your skin moisturization by strengthening the skin barrier and peppermint oil gives refreshing,

that feels cool to use it.

- 3steps of pore care with Kaolin, AHA BHA

- Soothing&moisturizing care with Centella Asiatica Extract

- Trouble care with Houttuynia Cordata Extract







How to use

1. After washing the face, use toner to clean the skin, and apply a suitable amount of mask to the skin.

2. After about 10 to 15 minutes, wash the pack thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3. Finish with skin care after washing the face. It is recommended to use once or twice a week


Capacity : 100g  3.52oz


After use/opened, all of the aesthetic/cosmetic products may NOT be a reason for return or refund.

Any allergic reactions may also NOT be a reason for refund/return,

as people all have different skin types and as there are differences among individuals.

Please be well-informed of this before any of your purchase.



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